Hello! My name is Jonah and welcome here!

Based in Singapore, I am an entrepreneur, after being through MNCs, SMEs, Start-Ups, Sole-Prop and Partnerships.

It was not until something happened to my family, that shook me and decided to change my profession.

You see, I never really believed in insurance and thought of insurance agents as irresponsible sales people. During my younger days I met a few dishonest ones and was even lured to agencies, thinking I am applying for a “Marketing” job.

As such, my skepticism towards the industry grew and I was very doubtful to most.

My dad was a very strong and fit man. At 50 years old, he went on to compete in Dragon Boat and extreme sports like Underwater Hockey (yes, that is a thing, check it out!). He went on to win many medals.

This all changed when he suddenly became heavily ill and was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer, at the age of 55.

My view for insurance changed overnight and I realised how important this form of protection is to our loved ones. Determined to help more people and educate them the importance of insurance, I joined the industry and never looked back since.

In the midst of earning my insurance licence, my dad passed on.

He never saw me graduating with a licence but his death taught me that life is precious.

And you should too.
Today, I am a Financial Planner with AXA Insurance and I am the Speaker that put together a series of educational talks to Companies and Organisations.
Message me today to find out more about being protected! =D
Also, this blog is a platform to share through curated or original content. All posts here are purely my thoughts, musings and are not the views of any organisations related to me in any ways.

Drop me an email at me@jonahchew.com to say hi!